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Wednesday, November 25, 2020


In the bellow showcase, I have included some projects I consider should be highlighted.  All projects described were solely done by me.

There are several more projects – of various scales – not included here.

News App – ANDROID

Native Android News Application for the “Nea Kriti” newspaper

  • Native Android appliction built in Eclipse using Java, migrated to Android Studio
  • Retrieves the news articles for each selected category from the “Nea Kriti” online repository
  • Allows Sharing of specific articles
  • Allows personalization for easier reading
  • Enables Text-To-Speech (TTS) services, so each article can be heard for people with visual difficulties
  • Streams live audio from the Radio984 radio station.
  • Alligns nicely on phones/tables for both portrait and landscape orientations

News App – iOS (iPhone)

Native News Application for the “Nea Kriti” newspaper

  • Native iOS application, built in Xcode, using objective-c
  • Retrieves the news articles for each selected category from the “Nea Kriti” online repository
  • Allows Sharing of specific articles
  • Allows personalization for easier reading
  • Loads News at category startup, so they can be viewed offline if no data available.
  • Streams live video from CreteTV channel.
  • Streams live audio from the Radio984 radio station.
  • Alligns nicely on both portrait and landscape orientations

Elections Suite

A Suite that can handle election systems for any kind of defined election, for any kind of regional setup.

Consists of an “importer/exporter app”, “managment app”, “tv director app”, “website”.

  • Allows election definition for any defined country (as long as detailed locality information is set)
  • Imports Data from various defined sources hierarchically from an importer system that can handle various described data definitions.  This is currently configured to import real time data from the Region of Crete, and the Ministry of Internal Affairs.
  • Can handle multiple types of elections (National, European, Municipality, Regional, Referendums, etc).
  • Allows direct user input concurrently with the imported data.
  • Produces real time TV Out using the Harris RTX system.
  • Exports data into Adobe InDesign for newspaper production.
  • Handles parties
  • Handles Candidates
  • Handles multiple concurrent elections
  • Compares election results in any given level with up to two past elections.
  • Mirrors the data into a website in realtime, so the data is also available on the web (currently designed for desktop computers, will create CSS for tablet/phone soon).

Newspaper Distribution/Subscriptions

The newspaper distribution system, defines customer (selling points) that receive the newspaper, handles the routes, the newspaper quantities delivered, together with the weekly liquidation, as well as an equivalent management for subscribers of the newspaper.

  • Can handle any number of newspapers with different issues per day (incase the house prints for third party newspapers too).
  • Logs daily matterial costs
  • Handles selling points to receive newspaper packs.
  • Defines routes.
  • Produces statistics and can auto-calibrate the amount of newspapers each selling point can receive, in order to achieve more sales without increasing the amount of prints.
  • Handles newspaper returns every week, and produces weekly liquidation.
  • Connects to a specified ERP and exports data to it.
  • Contains several detailed and intuitive reports.
  • Handles routes for subscribers to a given newspaper.

Cashier Online

A project built on behalf of Singular Logic S.A., the largest software vendor in Greece.  It was designed to connect POS retail systems with their ERP.

  • Created for varioius european retail systems, using RS232 protocol.
  • The salesman would simply use their cash machine with a barcode.
  • The system was online with the ERP, and for every scanned item, it woud fetch its info from the ERP.
  • When a sales has completed from the cash machine, the system would issue an invoice on the ERP, and reduce the warehouse quantities based on the invoice.
  • The system handles barcodes for supermarkets (weighted items – e.g. barcodes for a bag of fruits that an electronic scale would produce).

Goody’s ICM

A project done for the Goody’s fast-food restaurants in Heraklion, that delivered cashier orders into various points in the kitchen.

  • Based on RS232 protocol, the cashier who is taking orders, produces an invoice that is directly sent to the cooks in the kitchen based on their posts.
  • The cooks produce the meal, and dismiss the order from the program.
  • Detailed statistics per cook are produced.
  • Statistics per meal, peak times etc are produced.

TV-Radio – Adverts Managment System

A project that utilises Singular Logic’s ERP that contains the customer advert contracts.  Creates spots for a given ERP contract based on the contract’s products included.

  • Works with Singular Logic’s ERP (SEN), to retrieve customer and contracts info.
  • Creates TV/Radio Spots.
  • Distributes the spots on a custom calendar based interface.
  • Contains detailed reports