Jetpack Compose — Building a RecyclerView with Sticky Headers

YouTube PLaylist
Video Series presenting the equivalent of a RecyclerView in Jetpack Compose with clickable items, network images using Coil, and Sticky Headers, step by step.

The Android Context, the Manifest, and the Android System

Also available at GDG Athens
Looking at the Manifest and the Context in respect to the underlying Android architecture.
Tech Interview

Approaching Google's Technical Interview

GDG Cloud Thessaloniki
Sharing the experience of on-site technical interviews marathon at Google London
2019 - 2020
Deep Learning

Introduction to Deep Learning Theory

YouTube PLaylist
A video series of tutorials on the theory and the math behind Deep Learning, in an easily absorbable format
Deep Learning

Regularization - Prevent Overfitting in Neural Networks

By punishing high weight coefficients, we reduce overfitting in Deep Neural Networks during training.
Reinforcement Learning

Reinforcement Learning - Training the Agent in Matrix Analogy

Clip made for the opening of a RL Talk
Cause & Effect. Reinforcement Learning was mostly what the Matrix Movie was all about. All the "agents" (including neo) were adapting to the environment.
Java & Android

Java Interfaces — Listeners: Activity using AsyncTask in a separate file

This video will show you how to create java listeners using java interfaces in Android. This has many applications in android development, such as using AsyncTask in a separate file or creating click listeners for RecyclerView items.

Introduction to Google Colab for Pytorch Users

Get introduced to Google's Colaboratory. An online Jupyter Notebook that allows you to make free use of GPUs and TPUs for training Neural Networks.
Android Things

Android Things Tutorial

GDG Greece - DevFest 2017
We are implementing a basic android things application based on the getting started guide, talking to the GPIOs initially and then integrating with drivers.